High-Performance Sailing

While Olympic Sailing is a huge part of my life I recognize that this is only a small piece of sailing and my athletic ambitions expand far beyond the Olympic competition.  Being the team leader and skipper for Next Generation USA in the 2017 Red Bull Youth America's Cup gave me the opportunity to branch out into a completely different realm of sailing.  There really is nothing like driving at the boat at 30+ knots flying 6 feet above the water and all you can hear is the whistling of the foils beneath you.  I am still actively pursuing opportunities outside of the Olympic in order to make myself the best sailor possible.  I am very interested in getting into offshore sailing, larger boat professional sailing and other high-performance series such as the Extreme Sailing Series or Super Foiler Grand Prix.  The original goal of our team, Next Generation USA, still is front and center in my mind.  I want to continue to inspire the next generation of US sailors and hope to be a member of future America's Cup campaigns either as a sailor or a mentor to US youth sailors.